Guide to Explore Imphal, Loktak Lake and Keibul Lamjao National Park Local Way

“Country roads take me home to the place I belong” – played uninterrupted through my ears while crossing the lush paddy fields of Manipur. Imagine the verdant glory of nature, picturesque sunsets; countryside charm chased for aeons, floating vegetation fringed exotic lake and sampling delicious food – Manipur is all it takes to reach the zenith of offbeat and yet...


A Re-kindling Affair with Manali & Parashar Lake

 Oh! Manali – Sweet reminiscence of childhood wrapped beautifully somewhere but lost within the obnoxious venom of adulthood, indeed it took me years of wandering to finally see an apparition of my younger self. It wasn’t anything like before – the alleys, the people, the shop, the crowd and the air was different yet few things managed to stay stubbornly...


Chandratal Lake – A Gorgeous Himalayan Indulgence

“And, there is a reason, for all the beautiful places to be hidden behind the faraway mountains. Sometimes, just out of ordinary, coming face to face with such a massive inspiration of a place weaves a wave of intangible tranquil. We know a part of us intend to stay there listening to the whispers the breeze behold and never to...


A Countryside Dream – Places to Visit In and Around Kaza

Kaza is surrounded by beautiful and absolutely gorgeous villages. Spiti Valley is Holy Grail for backpackers and leaving the place without exploring the villages makes the trip incomplete. Bound by time, here are few places that you can visit in a day or two near Kaza.


Chitkul – Odyssey of Last Inhabited Indian Village

Camping under millions of twinkling stars as the night bleeds its darkness in the wrap of Himalayas was once a stuff of dreams, until it was actually happening, right in the moment. My tender emotions caressed my mind while I sat on the banks of Baspa River listening to the sound of the gurgling river. The pine trees unapologetically created...


Narkanda – A Blissful Affair with Pine Trees, Sunset and Serenity

As the scorching heat of Delhi summers unfolds it reign yet again, the only thing that keeps most of us from making that sulky face is taking off to a nearby hill station. Far from the maddening, Shimla or Mussoorie, has played front man since ages but is it really far from the crowd we want to get away from....


10-Day Road Trip Itinerary to Spiti Valley & Kinnaur

Embarking on Lahaul & Spiti road trip completely justifies the statement – “It is not about the destination but the journey that creates memories and weaves them into threads of eternity.” Be it the barren mountains you are driving adjacent to, gushing streams of river flowing alongside, panache of the floating clouds clumsily moving across the blue skies or the...


Catching Up with Offbeat Charm – Dirang Valley

I won’t stick to cliché lines, not that I do it all the time, for my short yet memorable stay in small Himalayan hamlet Dirang. But, are you tired of the notorious monotony and slumbers conspired by invisible shackles of never ending routine? Imagine weeks or months of planning to visit an offbeat destination and you end up terrified by...


Explore Tawang the Offbeat Way – Part 2

Imagine walking through the tranquil of slow zephyr, listening to hymns of Buddhist prayer, witnessing high altitude crystal clear lakes, soaking to the whim of fog, enjoying the rugged Himalayan terrain – Tawang is beyond picturesque, picture postcard out of dreamland. 🙂 🙂 Since I wrote my first blog on Tawang, I could not wait to pen down the amaze...