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Ahmedabad Heritage Walk – The Old City Charm

Ahmedabad is an UNESCO World Heritage City that rightly deserves its revered status. It draws the right parallelism through the glorious mix of history and modernity.  A part of the city is bustling with industries, lights, cafes and malls. But, the other part, it wins you over with depiction of rich culture and heritage saved through phenomenal architectures and centuries...


Nameri National Park – Best Weekend Getaway from Guwahati

The pair of white-winged wood duck callously hopped to the river bank as our raft slowly glided its way through the Jia Bhoreli River, creating ripples behind. The flock of birds flew under the cobalt blue sky only to get lost in the woods. Embracing the solace in the moment was us, a bunch of high school friends, contemplating on...


Shirui Lily Festival of Manipur- All You Need to Know

In the farthest corner of the mind, yet longing for it, I contemplated on visiting Manipur again and let my heart be stolen. I jumped like a little girl, witnessing flying reindeer and fairies in the cosmos, when I received an invite email from Chiko Adventures to attend the Shirui Lily Festival, 2018 – The State Festival of Manipur. Boy!...


Manas Spring Festival – Mosaic of Rustic Experience, Tradition and Culture

“Into the wild waking up to the sounds of peacock, expanse of tea gardens as far as eyes can see, spotting the largest mammal & one-horned rhino, embracing the simplicity & letting go off technology, a lot of merrymaking & sweet banters, food, fun & frolic” – Manas Spring Festival got us all hooked to the jewels of nature. 🙂...


Pondicherry – French Capital of India, Cafes and Beaches

Reminiscence of French Colony in the face of bright yellow buildings, the smell of freshly baked French Gourmet from the cafes, the gentle breeze along the pavement on Rock Beach, colourful buildings with gates adorned with bougainvillaea, the chaos of White Town, placidity embracing vibe of Auroville and tranquillity of serenity beach – Ah! Is not Pondicherry tempting you to...


How To Plan a Budget Trip to Sri Lanka?

A million and even more will agree that planning a budget for a trip is the trickiest brainstorm. However the more you plan, with a restricted budget, more pro you become in managing everything. I recently went to my first even solo International trip to Sri Lanka for 15 days and managed it pretty well within the calculated budget. Confused...


7 Amazing Things to Do in Tangalle

Watching the coconut trees swing to the uncanny tune of a gentle breeze, I took a sip from the freshly prepared Pina Colada. In my sarong, I lay on a hammock under the shade mesmerised by the soft turquoise sea water. The far stretched white sand beaches of Tangalle and the cobalt blue skies was paradise per se. The motley...


Two-Week Budget Backpacking Itinerary for Sri Lanka

Do you want to travel solo on a budget to Sri Lanka? Planning the itinerary must be really confusing. This two-week itinerary is perfect for solo and budget travellers with a recommendation for accommodation and places to visit.