I hear someone screen “Show me a place to shop” & I would scream back – “Why not take a sneak peak at DIMAPUR?” 🙂 🙂 

Relocating from hustle bustle corporate chic lifestyle of New Delhi to simple, laid back and inquisitive lifestyle of a teacher in Dimapur wasn’t as tough as insinuated. Oh! I would be knitting a web of lie if I say it was easy but as time lapsed I set in to feel more comfortable adjusting to the vibes of the city. Of course who doesn’t like the perks of visiting home every weekend this by the way is in Guwahati and is few hours of journey by train.

Ancient Ruins and culture always fascinate me!!

Travelling has always been a lifestyle I dreamt of but Delhi left my passion breathing mundane due to lack of time. What I could not do for a long time breathed its first freedom after I moved to Dimapur. Yes, I started travelling more than shopping; I started blogging and started putting pieces of stories in my own website.  Oh!! I guess I am in a very talkative mood while penning down this piece on DIMAPUR at 1.18am. Nagaland is a very beautiful state and Dimapur is the commercial hub but not many know how to spend a day wisely in DIMAPUR. This blog is about what to do, where to eat and what to see in DIMAPUR if you have a day to spend there.


Streets of Dimapur during Christmas!!

Dimapur is the commercial hub of Nagaland with lot of flourishing business and commercial markets. It is the ancient capital of Dima Kachari Tribe who ruled during 13th Century A.D when Dimapur was a part of Assam. The existence of Kachari rule and the glory of the kingdom can be seen through the Monoliths present in Rajbari. There is flight and train connectivity to Dimapur and the place is very convenient to reach. There is ample number of trains from Guwahati to Dimapur that ply everyday if you intend to start your journey from Guwahati.


Nagaland is resident to plethora of mesmerising natural beauty. Many travellers are fascinated about hiking Dzukou Valley, visiting Konyak Dominant Mon Town, Longwa Village with one side of village in India and other in Myanmar, paying homage to Kohima War Cemetery built in memory of World War II brave hearts, Hornbill Festival etc. For someone travelling from Guwahati there is a mandate halt at Dimapur. Most of the tourists are clueless about what to do in Dimapur if they have a day in hand. Stranded in the commercial hub of Nagaland for a day, this is what will leave you with good travel memories.

Rajbari – Ruins of Dima Kachari Kingdom!!

Visit Kachari Ruins, RAJBARI

Dimapur is the ancient capital of Kachari Kingdom that ruled the place during 13th Century. The ruins of the kingdom still stand in Rajbari in form of Chess stand structures and Monoliths. The engravings and stone carving on the monoliths reigns to breathe royalty. The blissful ancient architecture however needs attention by Archaeological Survey of India to escape the wrath of complete dilapidation. The auto will charge around Rs 100 – 150 from City Tower to Rajbari.

Shop till your drop in HongKong Market!!

Shop at HongKong Market 🙂 🙂 

Ah!!! All girls this is a special mention and destination for you. Ever wondered how all girls from Dimapur are super stylish and stand tall on the ladder of fashion? Yes, they have the vivid and very offbeat yet fashionable Hong Kong Market to steal the show from. It is literally the style hub with creations and designs so unique and embezzles heart of every fashion lover without fail. If you have a day to spend in Dimapur get startled ladies with the high end street fashion.

Food and cuisines!!

Eat at Ethnic Table

Nagaland is a state with rich ethnic taste and food is an exclusive part of the culture and tradition. There are many restaurants and eatery where you can try pork and other Naga dishes but I would like to mention especially about Ethnic Table. The place gets a special mention due to quality, presentation and complete ethnic feel of the food. If you are a foodie and love trying new food, grab a seat here for lunch or dinner.

Night Carnival during Christmas!!

Enjoy Christmas Carnival (Only in month of December)

Christmas in Dimapur is a one month sage of pomp and grandeur with entire city twinkling in lights, lamps, stars and Christmas accessories. Trust me best time to spend in Dimapur is the month of December when city sleeps late. Christmas Carnivals are lively and only time when you see people from Dimapur coming together for mass celebration with food, music, games and rice beer.

Somewhere in Dimapur they still exist!!

Next time you have a day to spend in Dimapur don’t worry about getting bored because you still have so much to do within the city. Even if you land there in any other month apart from December you still have the first three options to keep yourself occupied. Ladies!! Don’t miss on shopping part or else you are sure to miss a great deal. Shop, eat and shop more, cheer up when you are in Dimapur.

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