Nameri National Park – Best Weekend Getaway from Guwahati


The pair of white-winged wood duck callously hopped to the river bank as our raft slowly glided its way through the Jia Bhoreli River, creating ripples behind. The flock of birds flew under the cobalt blue sky only to get lost in the woods. Embracing the solace in the moment was us, a bunch of high school friends, contemplating on how we grew up so fast. As our raft moved slowly on the pristine water, we enjoyed the light drizzle and our moments of sweet banter. 🙂 🙂 

Friends and fun – Impromptu road trips

As I write the blog on our impromptu road trip to Nameri National Park, it reminds me of the movie Grown Ups. It has been 12 years since I passed high school and life has been a roar of cascading changes. Not that I regret anything but school friends are the ones who take you to basics. There is nothing like packing your bags and going on a trip with folks from school.

Taking that road trip – Friends like Family

A trip to Nameri National is what we zeroed down on enlivened by the idea of absorbing to the roots of countryside charm, post-dusk barbecue around a bonfire and temporary disconnection from urban chaos. The wilderness of forests in Nameri, river rafting on Jia Bhoreli River originating from Eastern Himalayas, the grandeur of avian spotting and joy of soaking half a foot in water along the white sand riverbanks makes Nameri National Park a perfect weekend getaway.

Eco-cottages at Lalimou camps

About Nameri National Park

Located in the   Eastern Himalayan foothills, Nameri National Park is the perfect weekend getaway from Guwahati, Assam. It is located in Sonitpur District of Assam and shares its borders with Arunachal Pradesh along the adjoining Pakhui Sanctuary. A part of the national park is interspersed with villages that open doors to absorbing authentic traditional and cultural per se. The Brahmaputra River and its tributaries flow through the national park.

This phenomenal sunset at Nameri

It was declared as reserved forest in the year 1979 on 17th October, most of the area surrounded by semi-evergreen and deciduous forest. There are narrow strips of grasslands towards the outer side of the forest. It was given the status of National Park in the year 1998 on 9th of September. It is a protected area on banks of the Brahmaputra River located in the Northern side of Sonitpur district.

The pebbled shallow river banks

The national park is notable as bird watchers paradise and number of avian species has flourished in the nooks of Nameri. Apart from birds, it is a great place to witness some winged beauties like butterflies. The flourishing flora and fauna, shallow pebbled river banks and the hidden rustic experience make it a phenomenal experience, away from the regular. Nameri is a popular tiger reserve and home to a large number of elephants. It is home to the endangered white-winged wood duck and nearly 400 bird species.

Scenic road trips are love for life

How to Reach Nameri National Park?

The distance between Guwahati and Nameri National Park is around 230kms roughly that can be covered in nearly 5 hours. The best and easiest way to reach from Guwahati is either by driving or hiring a taxi. However, it can be even done in the budget by breaking the journey.

For budget travellers – There is a way to reach Nameri National Park from Guwahati in a budget. Take a bus from Guwahati ISBT to Balipara or Tezpur. On taking a bus to Tezpur ASTC, you will have to hire a shared tax (mostly Tata Ace Magic) from Tezpur to Balipara junction to further reach the destination. However, there are few direct options for Balipara also from Guwahati, make sure to ask while boarding the bus in Guwahati. From Balipara Junction, hire a tempo or taxi to the booked accommodation, which will cost around Rs 300 – 500/-.

How about these gorgeous cottages as abode for the night?

Accommodation in Nameri

Nameri has lately emerged as a hotspot for its biodiversity and rustic surroundings. With this tourism has seen a boom and so did accommodation options. I definitely recommend Lalimou Camps for a tranquil overnight stay amidst the pure splendour of nature. The traditional cottages bring in the essence of authentic village life, away from technology and cacophonous routine. The eco-friendly resort is perfect countryside getaway. There are two stay options – Smaller cottages available at Rs 2500/- and Bigger ones that accommodate four are of Rs 3500/- per night.

Contact – 8721803907/ 9101714856/ 9678394964 for booking at Lalimou Camps (Book in Advance during peak season)

Rafting on these gentle rapids

Things to do in Nameri National Park

There are many things to do in and around Nameri which is a pure treat to our wandering soul. It is a pure bliss of nature that is a mosaic of eccentric and placid, all wrapped and sealed in a single envelope. 

And after that 3 hours of serene rafting. From left – Dhruv (the funniest no-filter buddy, me(I know I am the best 🙂 ), Kaushik (cool & sophisticated till sober), Chandrali (prettiest one) and Priyanku (fun to be around).

Don’t miss River Rafting in Nameri

Lalimou Camps can organize river rafting that transcends a distance of around 18 to 20kms. The river rafting on the serene and gentle rapids of Jia Bhoreli River gives a different perspective and one of the best and scenic routes to witness avian magnificence. It gives an unparallel experience of bird watching. The camps can organize river rafting or you can personally organize by contacting Narayan Das at – 08208583522.

Absorb the wilderness and nature

Jungle Walk

There are no jeep safaris in Nameri but jungle walks to experience the wilderness. The nature trail through the jungles and white sand on the river banks is a great opportunity to spot rare birds and animals. There are hundreds of species to witness during the forest authority accompanies jungle walk.

To the cutest couple – Kaushik & Chandrali, you guys are friends like family.

Take a Drive to River Bank near Bhalukpong

Bhalukpong is the border town of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and first, check the post before entering Arunachal Pradesh via Tezpur zone. Park the car on the Assam side and take a walk to the river bank to save the hassle of ILP or Inner Line Permit (Arunachal Pradesh requires Inner Line Permit even for Indians). You can also drive down the car close to the banks but the road is a disaster. Spend the evening watching the bewitching sunset while spending time on the shallow shingle river banks.

Like I said, languid afternoons are not bad at all

Relax in the Eco-Camp

Have you been contemplating on slow living in the hinterland of Assam? Lalimou Camps give the perfect rustic and countryside experience surrounded by the plethora of nature. It is an experiential stay that boosts sustainable tourism. Spend a languid afternoon reading a book under the shade of the thatched cottage or walk around embracing the village charm. Rejuvenate your senses to the breezy lullaby as it swings betelnut trees along.

Rustic experience

Time to Visit

The best time to visit the National Park is from November to April. It is the best time to experience the gentle rapids through river rafting witnessing hundreds of bird species.

Picture Stories

Memories so vivid and beautiful

The thug life around river banks

After dark stories – Bonfire and barbecues

The times when I made Chandrali my muse (Stealing her from Kaushik)

Our perfect one-night abode

Peace and serenity at its best

Happy faces – Sorry Kaushik but you were capturing us smiling

Clowns – Dhruba, thanks for the hilarious human you are. But, change the songs in your car, please

As the night creeps in, there is a mystery that it brings

The river bank near Bhalukpong

Again Chandrali as my muse – This is what happens when you are pretty, we like framing you. 🙂

And the road trip was a sprinkle of nostalgia breathing school memories again

The road trip was a sprinkle of nostalgia and reminiscence of all the school memories



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