Mawryngkhang Trek – A Complete Guide to Offbeat Meghalaya


The nouveau travel passion has blossomed in the millennial in a staggering way, leaving footprints behind almost every place. The ritual of using eye-catching superlatives in our parlance and exotic pictures has nearly knocked down the rawness of many places. Amidst everything, in an attempt to go offbeat, I ended up joining an offbeat Mawryngkhang Trek organised by Discover Northeast. 

Some places are too good to be real

It was a phenomenal experience, scary at times but the awe-inspiring view absorbed the fear while toasting it into charm. It is the spectacular Mawryngkhang trek tucked in a small hamlet in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya called Wahkhen Village. It is one of the most thrilling treks to venture into mostly connected by bamboo bridges along the mountain ridges and above the roaring river.

The sheer pleasure of being wrapped in the feeling of nature

Mawrynkhang Trek is the Perfect Offbeat Meghalaya Trip

At this point, I have completely exhausted all the superlative and fancy adjectives, describing the glory and beauty of the trek. If only there was one thing but it is worth hundreds of reasons that make the trek special. The bamboo bridges that connect most of the trek are a reflection of excellence of craftsmanship and hard work the local Khasi artisans put in to build the trail.

The scary bamboo trail along the cliff

As I stepped on the rickety bamboo bridge, it creaked slightly, warning to go easy and slow. Khasi tribe is known for their assiduous might, the living Root bridges stand as glorious representation of their invincible skill. The bamboo bridges along the trek were result of extreme hard work where some parts were bolstered with strong roots and others hammered with nails.

The little things we do on riverside

The bamboo trail ran along the mountain cliff connecting the gaps following the roaring Umrew River. The river rushes past the rocks insurmountable by anything and flows furiously in the gorge overlooked by the bamboo trail.

Hidden waterfalls at every corner

The bamboo trail continues on the edge of the rocks and finally makes its way to top of a huge single rock. It is not an ordinary trail but dreamy and little scary. There are hidden waterfalls at every corner. The view of the surrounding valley atop the creaky bamboo trail breaks all mundane, the cottony cloud plays hide and seek and the verdant valley awakens with raindrops adding fresh hues of green.

Seems like breathing in ages

A tour to North East India must definitely include this gorgeous trek, invigorating senses and soul. The trek starts walking on a bamboo bridge sandwiched between long leaves and shrubs. The trek is a mix of bamboo trails and raw stony stair routes amidst the forests, waterfalls, hill, clouds and mild zephyr ultimately leading to the top of the rock. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to climb the top of the rock depending on the speed.

On the way to Wahkhen

How to Reach Wahkhen Village?

The availability of public transport is almost negligible. There are shared cabs that are available from Bara Bazaar to Wahkhen village but it is pointless as you reach the trek point in the evening. There is no option for overnight stay at the moment in the village. There are few options of doing the trek without hassle.

  • Self drive is the best option but make sure you start really early from Guwahati or Shillong. Drive via Myellium and continue till you reach Pomlum. Keep an eye on the right for a board that states – Welcome Pomlum and an arrow pointing towards right for Wahkhen village. Take a right and the trekking destination is 15kms to the inside.
  • Next option is hiring a private taxi if you don’t have a car or do not want to self drive. This is slightly expensive and might cost you near about Rs 4000-6000 for the day.
  • The last and best option is contacting Discover Northeast. They are into offbeat and offer best tour packages for North East India. They are the first to organize trips to Mawryngkhang Trek. I did my trek with them and it was an amazing experience.

Climb to top of the rock was not a cake walk

Things to Know

  • Make sure you carry raincoats, ponchos or umbrella because rains are unpredictable. If you have camera, do carry a water proof bag.
  • Wear good shoes so that it becomes easy to climb and trek. Some parts are a little slippery and with good shoes, the trek becomes comfortable.
  • Stock up a bottle of water and chocolates for the trek as there is nothing up on the way. This is the best way to stay replenished.
  • Do not litter the place. There are bamboo dustbins on the way, make sure to throw the garbage in it or bring it down along with you.

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Some Picture Stories

Waiting for our food after the trek

Months of hard work to this beauty

The right adrenaline rush

Into the stairs of heaven

Beautiful and enchanting as it gets

So much of nature around – Its hard to soak in and not get lost

Hues of green everywhere

You are an awe-inspiring place to be Meghalaya

The bamboo trail all along the top of the rock

Everything around is just nature and pure air

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