7 Amazing Things to Do in Tangalle


Watching the coconut trees swing to the uncanny tune of a gentle breeze, I took a sip from the freshly prepared Pina Colada. In my sarong, I lay on a hammock under the shade mesmerised by the soft turquoise sea water. The far stretched white sand beaches of Tangalle and the cobalt blue skies was paradise per se. The motley hues of nature, coconut fringed beach walk, hide and seek with the frothy sea water, kayaking through the mangroves, and everything else makes Tangalle my favourite place in Sri Lanka.ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Such picturesque and secluded beaches

Tangalle is a gorgeous beach town on the south coast of Sri Lanka. It is a sleepy fishing town with serene beaches. The fewer crowd makes it better by day and serene by night. It is a perfect place to be if you start ranting annoyance at the first sight of the crowd. Tangalle is a hotspot for things to do โ€“ here are my ideal pick from morning to night.

A romantic paradise for couples

Start Your Day with Yoga or Cooking Class

Did you hear anyone say how delicious is Sri Lankan cuisine? If you did, they are absolutely right for it hits your taste buds so hard just a thought about it make it drool. Food full of herbal spices, rich flavours and that hunger enhancing aroma โ€“ Probably, I should stop thinking about it. If you want to learn a dish or two walks up to any of the cooking class. There are plenty of them on the way to Tangalle and Medaketiya Beach. Alternately, you can also choose to start your morning with a yoga class to feel alive throughout the day.

And the far stretched white sands – Oh! Tangalle

Walk to Tangalle Beach

Tangalle Beach is the first beach in line and is lined with a number of colourful fishing boats. The white sand of the beach stretches a long way to Friendship Beach and Medaketiya beach. Tangalle Beach is serene and beautiful and is great for photography with many boats lined across one side of the beach. It is a fishing beach and early morning a lot of fishermen start their fishing job from here.

Slow living by the beach

Relax and Spend the Afternoon at Medaketiya Beach

Medaketiya Beach is the promised dose of serenity and bliss. It is the perfect beach to spend your afternoon rejuvenating your senses and flinging your arms open to the balmy surroundings. With the limited crowd, it is perfect for anyone seeking sometimes of solitary. Zanzibar is a beautiful beachside restaurant. They have the perfect arrangement right from outside seating to hammocks with an assortment of menu options.

Kayaking around the mangroves in Tangalle Lagoon

Spend Your Evening Kayaking Through Mangroves in Tangalle Lagoon

It was one of the most phenomenal experiences in Tangalle. Well, I knew nothing about kayaks and kayaking but the thought of snooping through the mangroves watching the sunset could not hold me back. Oh! Did I just not make a perfect choice? Tangalle lagoon was formed as a result of a Tsunami that hit the town. There are plenty of resorts and adventure trip organisers that rent kayaks. Kayaking through the mangroves might come at the cost of a lot of mosquitoes and insects, apply some insect repellent before going. As you kayak through the lagoon and mangroves, you will spot many birds and wild animals.

You can rent the kayak from Harmony Beach Bungalows for 3 hours in the evening. The price for one single kayak is LKR 1000

Hidden and secluded beaches of Tangalle

Relax Your Body with a Massage

Give your body some rest and soothe your aching muscles. Let the blood circulation flow smoothly as you get a traditional massage with herbal oil. A full body massage is available from around 3000 to 3500 LKR. It includes all body massage along with a head and face massage. It is the perfect way to unwind your stress and close your evening in Tangalle. There are many massage salons along the stretch.

Indulging in some gastronomy!!

Indulge in Some Mouth-Watering Dinner

Having worked through the day, hunger pangs start knocking as soon as the sun sets. It is time to indulge in a Sri Lanka dinner. Travelling solo means there is no one to share the food and in most of the places, quantity is too much. There are many restaurants and cafe around the beach that serve authentic Sri Lankan Food. As the evening slowly crawls into the night, the beachside area is all lit with fairy lights, soothing music and the smell of fresh seafood. The dishes with Calamari prawns are native to Sri Lanka.

Nothing but the best!!

Call it a Night after Watching Turtle Hatching at Rekawa Beach

Just when you think the day is over for your grand dinner, it actually isnโ€™t. End the day by watching giant turtle hatching egg on Rekawa beach. The beach is around 8kms from Tangalle Beach which means you have to hire a Tuk Tuk or take a bike on rent to reach there. It is a nice 2 to 3 hours of the process where the turtle comes from the sea, get to a corner, lay eggs and slowly make its way back to the sea. The entry for Turtle Hatching point is 1000 LKR. If you rent a Tuk-tuk, the charges should be around 1000 LKR.

Such picturesque locales!!

Tangalle, by all means, was the best place for me in Sri Lanka. With pristine beaches and minimal tourist, it is a nice place to rejuvenate and relax. Only I wish I got some more time to spend in this gorgeous place.

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And it goes unsaid why Tangalle is my favourite!!

Picture perfect!1

And these creatures washed away on the shore

All by myself

The gorgeous sunset from Tangalle Lagoon

The beach, the sky, the sand – How I miss you!

Wrapping up the day!!

Somethings in solitude!

Perfect for couples – PS: Not to be mistaken for me!!

Perfect place to spend some time with yourself

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