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Explore Tawang the Offbeat Way – Part 2

Imagine walking through the tranquil of slow zephyr, listening to hymns of Buddhist prayer, witnessing high altitude crystal clear lakes, soaking to the whim of fog, enjoying the rugged Himalayan terrain – Tawang is beyond picturesque, picture postcard out of dreamland. 🙂 🙂 Since I wrote my first blog on Tawang, I could not wait to pen down the amaze...


Visiting Tawang, ILP and Everything You Need to Know – Part 1

“Tawang is not merely just another place but a feeling that last like first splashes of raindrops. A place that makes you fall in love like its first love and is a forever essence without goodbyes.” There was a melodious tune playing in my head and my mind inspired with the feeling of homecoming as I started my journey to...