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Experience Loktak Lake with Sangai Moonlight Camping

I gazed at the dim constellation in the sky sitting on the wooden country boat as I started my journey to experience Loktak Lake. It was barely 6pm but night greets early in North East, so does in Manipur. The sound of the water as the paddle rowed against it brewed an uncanny magic. The feel of the water on...


Loktak Lake – Lives of the Fishermen Inhabiting the Phumdis

“Why do you travel?” – A question that has been thrown at me like a grenade uncountable times without me having an answer for it. If only I could express how it has healed my scarred soul in ways unknown of and the memories of my journey continue to make me a better person.  Huge cauldron of thoughts dawned on...


Guide to Explore Imphal, Loktak Lake and Keibul Lamjao National Park Local Way

“Country roads take me home to the place I belong” – played uninterrupted through my ears while crossing the lush paddy fields of Manipur. Imagine the verdant glory of nature, picturesque sunsets; countryside charm chased for aeons, floating vegetation fringed exotic lake and sampling delicious food – Manipur is all it takes to reach the zenith of offbeat and yet...