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Nameri National Park – Best Weekend Getaway from Guwahati

The pair of white-winged wood duck callously hopped to the river bank as our raft slowly glided its way through the Jia Bhoreli River, creating ripples behind. The flock of birds flew under the cobalt blue sky only to get lost in the woods. Embracing the solace in the moment was us, a bunch of high school friends, contemplating on...


Manas Spring Festival – Mosaic of Rustic Experience, Tradition and Culture

“Into the wild waking up to the sounds of peacock, expanse of tea gardens as far as eyes can see, spotting the largest mammal & one-horned rhino, embracing the simplicity & letting go off technology, a lot of merrymaking & sweet banters, food, fun & frolic” – Manas Spring Festival got us all hooked to the jewels of nature. 🙂...