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The city of Bangkok has two parallel world running together 6

A Comprehensive 2-day guide for Bangkok

This guide for Bangkok is especially designed for first time travelers to the city. The 2-day itinerary is perfect for someone who has limited time to explore the city.


Experience Loktak Lake with Sangai Moonlight Camping

I gazed at the dim constellation in the sky sitting on the wooden country boat as I started my journey to experience Loktak Lake. It was barely 6pm but night greets early in North East, so does in Manipur. The sound of the water as the paddle rowed against it brewed an uncanny magic. The feel of the water on...


Loktak Lake – Lives of the Fishermen Inhabiting the Phumdis

“Why do you travel?” – A question that has been thrown at me like a grenade uncountable times without me having an answer for it. If only I could express how it has healed my scarred soul in ways unknown of and the memories of my journey continue to make me a better person.  Huge cauldron of thoughts dawned on...


Experiencing Ziro Festival of Music with Kite Manja

Once in a while, away from the cacophony and crowd, most of us need to break free from the urban civilization. A strong desire to distance from the squeezed concrete jungle takes us into roads less travelled, straight into the wild. Attending Ziro Festival of Music with Kite Manja helped me escape the adversity of regular life and create memories...


Ziro Valley – A Comprehensive Guide to Plan Your Trip

Ziro Music Festival brings to you a confluence of independent musicians performing in the most coveted outdoor music festival in Ziro Valley. The valley is known for its far stretched golden paddy fields against a backdrop of mountains and pine trees, inhabited by the Apatani Tribes.


Ahmedabad Day Tours – Spend the Day Sight Seeing

A part chaotic and bustling with horns, industries and business, Ahmedabad still managed to preserve its historical charm through the other part. The Ahmedabad day tours is the perfect way to marvel through the most popular places.  I was a bit skeptical of my maiden trip to Gujarat. The smell of tradition and culture, phenomenal historical architectures and its existing...


Ahmedabad Heritage Walk – The Old City Charm

Ahmedabad is an UNESCO World Heritage City that rightly deserves its revered status. It draws the right parallelism through the glorious mix of history and modernity.  A part of the city is bustling with industries, lights, cafes and malls. But, the other part, it wins you over with depiction of rich culture and heritage saved through phenomenal architectures and centuries...