“In the end, all we have is memories, of places & people we met through our journey of life.” 🙂 🙂 

A Little Introduction

My name is Upasana Kakati – A teacher, traveller, blogger, dreamer, aspiring writer and everything positive I can create in this lifetime. I am from Assam and cant be more proud of being from North East India.

Quitting My Job to Travel The World” – Honestly, I am not  there yet and I don’t see myself living out of suitcase or backpack in next five 5 years. Someday, perhaps when I have some bank balance, little bit of savings and some investments to my credit – I would want to backpack across Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa and remaining India taking gap of one or two years.

When Did it All Start?

My love for travel  started with a school trip to Rohtang Pass. The gorgeous snow capped peaks of the towering mountains made me fall in love zillion time. With time life moved on but there was more to the story and saga that felt incomplete, untold. In the quest to find a better meaning to life, my rendezvous with Himalayas happened in the most charismatic and enthralling way.

It started with obsessing about beautiful places behind the laptop screen, reading blogs about travellers, following journeys of people travelling the world without fear and solo. Hundreds of cancelled plans, no one to travel with and my soul getting hungrier to see the world – I set out for the first time alone.

It all started with a trek to Roopkund in the lap of Mighty Himalayas. I was nervous but equally excited about it. Travelling solo was the most liberating feeling, I could feel all cells in my body reviving like never before. It made me realise travelling alone is one of the best things you can do because practically you are never alone, for you end up meeting some of the most amazing people on the roads while travelling.

Since then

The saga of travelling started – I got more busy in creating my own itinerary and set into a voyage of travel for lifetime. The story has just unfolded, so many chapters yet to written & the travel will last forever. Blogging because I love writing and what better to mix both my passion – travel & writing. 🙂 🙂

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