Pondicherry – French Capital of India, Cafes and Beaches

Reminiscence of French Colony in the face of bright yellow buildings, the smell of freshly baked French Gourmet from the cafes, the gentle breeze along the pavement on Rock Beach, colourful buildings with gates adorned with bougainvillaea, the chaos of White Town, placidity embracing vibe of Auroville and tranquillity of serenity beach – Ah! Is not Pondicherry tempting you to...


7 Amazing Things to Do in Tangalle

Watching the coconut trees swing to the uncanny tune of a gentle breeze, I took a sip from the freshly prepared Pina Colada. In my sarong, I lay on a hammock under the shade mesmerised by the soft turquoise sea water. The far stretched white sand beaches of Tangalle and the cobalt blue skies was paradise per se. The motley...


Two-Week Budget Backpacking Itinerary for Sri Lanka

Do you want to travel solo on a budget to Sri Lanka? Planning the itinerary must be really confusing. This two-week itinerary is perfect for solo and budget travellers with a recommendation for accommodation and places to visit.


Terraced Rice Fields of Zapami Village & Pfutsero – Hidden Gems of Nagaland

The terraced paddy fields turn golden as it is harvest time in Phek district, the sleepy town of Pfutsero shines at night on the faraway hill like a scattered diamond, flowers in all shades rimmed by the road sway with the breeze and the stars, did I not tell about stuff dreams are made of. My uncanny interest in places...


Guide to Explore Imphal, Loktak Lake and Keibul Lamjao National Park Local Way

“Country roads take me home to the place I belong” – played uninterrupted through my ears while crossing the lush paddy fields of Manipur. Imagine the verdant glory of nature, picturesque sunsets; countryside charm chased for aeons, floating vegetation fringed exotic lake and sampling delicious food – Manipur is all it takes to reach the zenith of offbeat and yet...


A Re-kindling Affair with Manali & Parashar Lake

 Oh! Manali – Sweet reminiscence of childhood wrapped beautifully somewhere but lost within the obnoxious venom of adulthood, indeed it took me years of wandering to finally see an apparition of my younger self. It wasn’t anything like before – the alleys, the people, the shop, the crowd and the air was different yet few things managed to stay stubbornly...


Chandratal Lake – A Gorgeous Himalayan Indulgence

“And, there is a reason, for all the beautiful places to be hidden behind the faraway mountains. Sometimes, just out of ordinary, coming face to face with such a massive inspiration of a place weaves a wave of intangible tranquil. We know a part of us intend to stay there listening to the whispers the breeze behold and never to...


A Countryside Dream – Places to Visit In and Around Kaza

Kaza is surrounded by beautiful and absolutely gorgeous villages. Spiti Valley is Holy Grail for backpackers and leaving the place without exploring the villages makes the trip incomplete. Bound by time, here are few places that you can visit in a day or two near Kaza.


Explore Tawang the Offbeat Way – Part 2

Imagine walking through the tranquil of slow zephyr, listening to hymns of Buddhist prayer, witnessing high altitude crystal clear lakes, soaking to the whim of fog, enjoying the rugged Himalayan terrain – Tawang is beyond picturesque, picture postcard out of dreamland. 🙂 🙂 Since I wrote my first blog on Tawang, I could not wait to pen down the amaze...


How To Plan Your First Solo Trip?

Endless days of daydreaming, failed plans with friends, desire to see the world living in the moment, tired of the corporate Chronicles, a few broken stories and realisation that life is not forever & it’s never late to start – If that’s what does not make you a solo traveller, you are stuck my friend!!  “I have not been everywhere...


Exploring Offbeat Mawphanlur – Of lakes, Verdant Hills and Peace

Verdant rolling hills as far as eye can see, quaint cottage surrounded by ponds, and abode of cottony clouds. Smiling faces, kind gestures reflecting humanity and heart warming welcome, little rocks spread naturally, little zephyr tingling senses, and roads the compel to set on a voyage till eternity. A trip through the gorgeous roads of Meghalaya to Mawphanlur with two...


Countryside Moorings – Day Trip to Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary

As the shades of spring gently sprinkled it mellow tone, I peeped like a curious voyeur, mesmerised by the sound of yellow leaves as the gentle breeze swayed them. The land was a gorgeous carpet, laid in yellow & green dry leaves and twigs to complement, amidst the slender trees sparsely adorning the forests. As the Safari Gypsy roared through...


Relishing Beautiful Memories from Sam Sand Dunes

My mind, usually wandering in the Himalayan Terrains, coaxed me this time to taste the adulation of golden sand in the spectacle of Thar Desert. I was accosted by the idea to start my year taking a trip to Jaisalmer. The inglorious sunrise, sun-kissed deserts sprawled with golden sand, luxury of Swiss camping, camel rides, whooshing sand dune rides on...


Khuri – An offbeat tourist village in deserts of Rajasthan

Hours of juggling through blogs, usually flipping virtually beyond first page on Google, I planned my perfect itinerary to Jaisalmer. Khuri, a remote and rustic village caught my interest, having it mentioned as offbeat fascination. 🙂 🙂 The blend of closely encountering traditions of Rajasthan to stepping into the solitude of Thar Desert – Khuri grabbed a mandate place in my itinerary,...



There is something very rustic about the yellow stones, cobbled streets and royal palaces – Jaisalmer caught me lingering into its antiquated charm, I was held offbeat and overwhelmed by the Desert frontier of India. The city is bustling with tourists from every corner of the world and being one of them – it definitely was one of the most...



“Please, make it happen. Are we so unlucky to be witnessing Auli without a hint of snowfall?” – Infinite times did I grumble the same to my new found friends.  Cursing, grumpily I stepped outside my hotel room in Joshimath, staring at the nearby tea stall, exchanged glanced with the towering Himalayan range in front of me, praying to spread...



The aura and goodness of road trip on Himalayan terrains has never been less the delight. There is no smell of regular but an abstinence from usual – the roads master our mind & soul with its sheer spectacle. There is everything a perfect road trip silently seeks to see, happy faces, satisfied soul & mercurial temptation to explore the...



Staring at the clear horizons over the towering snow-capped peaks of mighty Himalayas was a startling experience and great way to bid goodbye to 2016. Treating myself to the trek to Kuari Pass was a perfect pleasure, the perfect way to wrap the year and rendezvous with my camouflaged travelling spirit. The Himalayas has uncanny ways to embrace you in...



I found myself talking to nature, struck by the profound awe of things that existed beyond our regular lives and places similar to what I saw on postcards and New Year Calendars. The colossal majesty of nature unapologetically showered its best glimpses in form of welcoming forests, a grandeur of meadows any eye would lust for, snow-capped peaks boasting its...


How To Plan a Budget Trip to Sri Lanka?

A million and even more will agree that planning a budget for a trip is the trickiest brainstorm. However the more you plan, with a restricted budget, more pro you become in managing everything. I recently went to my first even solo International trip to Sri Lanka for 15 days and managed it pretty well within the calculated budget. Confused...


All About Culturally Enriching Hornbill Festival Trip 2017

I long for winters, the nip in the air and soothing sunshine peeping through the cloud is marvelous grace to eyes. It is no secret that I have been a dedicated connoisseur of even badly made coffee on a winter morning. But, keeping aside my lyrical mood at the moment, winters brings the much awaited holiday season with Christmas and...


How to Manage Travel Funds in Limited Salary

Ever since I started travel blogging as my passion, I have been asked a lot of questions by many. A lot of you are perplexed on how I manage to travel and most importantly who exactly is sponsoring my travel. Travel blogging my friend is a tough nut to crack. Do not hop on it unless you really are passionate...

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